What Sets Us Apart

At Discovery Dental in Washougal, WA, our talented, compassionate dental team of Drs. Dave Stinchfield, Tom Stinchfield and Bob Yu, as well as our exceptional dental staff, love providing dental care to our patients. Our dental patients come from all walks of life and are all ages; we enjoy getting to know each of them individually, sharing stories and life experiences, and developing friendships that extend beyond the dental care that we offer. We strive to make sure that each patient knows that he or she is special to us through honest and meaningful personal interaction.

Commitment to Excellence

Discovery Dental sets itself apart from other practices by our technology and our commitment to staying current in the study, research, and field of dentistry. Drs. Dave, Tom and Bob attend continuing education frequently and consistently so they can provide the best care backed up by the latest research in the field. Discovery Dental invests heavily in the best technology to enhance the patient experience and produce the ideal outcome for our patients.

Sensitivity to Anxiety

We understand that not everyone is happy about the thought of going to the dentist or having dental treatments. We want you to feel like you are in a safe place when you visit our office. Whatever your anxiety may be, we strive to alleviate it. The doctors have no problem taking their time to make you feel more at ease, and tailoring treatment to fit your unique needs. We want you to feel at home and among friends.

In the Community

Drs. Dave, Tom, Bob and our team are heavily involved in the schools and in supporting fundraising and dental education in the students of our community.  The people who visit our office aren’t just patients—they are our neighbors.

Our Washougal Office

We offer a warm and cozy atmosphere in which patients can relax before, during, and following treatment. Additionally, we offer water, warm towels, and entertainment to help pass the time during dental treatments.

Schedule an Appointment!

Drs. Dave, Tom, Bob and all of us at Discovery Dental, invite you to learn more about our dental practice and the services we offer. We provide thorough consultations and would be glad to show you around our practice, introduce you to our dental team, and answer your questions. Please call our Washougal, WA, dental office to schedule your consultation today. We look forward to meeting you and working with you to develop a smile for a lifetime.