Discovery Dental Loyalty Program

We value your loyalty. For our patients without insurance, we’ve launched our loyalty program to simplify payments for preventative care. Our loyal members also save money on treatment.

Lifetime Activation Fee covers your first month!

Membership clubs are not insurance for a payment arrangement provided by Dave J. Stinchfield, PC for services rendered. Memberships are provided exclusively to uninsured patients of our practice and shall not be considered pre-payment for future services or payment for access to discounted services. Rather, our patient members are electing to make regular monthly subscription payments for preventative care instead of paying at the time of service. Membership dues must be current in order to receive services. A lapse of 28 days in dues will require a reactivation fee at six month’s dues. Membership club discounts may not be combined with any other offers or discounts. It is solely the patient responsibility to schedule and keep their appointments. No refund will be provided for dues paid under any circumstances, including failure to schedule and maintain appointments. A patient member’s monthly agreement is with legal entity of a Dave J. Stinchfield, PC. Monthly dues and fees for dental services may change at any time. * Needed x-rays are determined by the doctor at the time of the exam.